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Philadelphia Courier, Sir Lancellot's corporate headquarters is located in the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area giving us a strategic foothold to effectively and efficiently serve Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Washington DC, New Jersey, and New York.

We are a Same Day and Next Day Rush Delivery Company offering a wide range of logistical solutions such as Next Flight Out, Scheduled and Routed Services, Cargo, Warehousing, Distribution and Driver for Hire services.

Philadelphia Courier, Sir Lancellot has been an owner operation since 1985 when it started out as a small regional courier company serving primarily the Delaware, Montgomery, Chester and Philadelphia Region. In 2000, we expanded the types of services offered to meet more of the needs of its clients.

Our newest service, Driver for Hire, meets the needs of companies that have seasonal and temporary needs. Recently we developed a new expedited service called "Emergency Direct". This service is utilized mostly by the medical industry that needs specimens delivered immediately to a medical facility.

In 2003 we introduced our new electronic ordering, tracking and billing system. Our clients have the ability and convenience to place same day orders over the internet, track their shipment, receive automatic email confirmations on all deliveries and access account billing information.

With continued reinvestment into the company, we continue to grow our service offerings, geographic area reach and out internal operations. We have expanded our network allowing us to now offer national services to our clients as well.

We provide on-demand services for our clients as well as shipping, trucking, courier, freight and other logistical solutions, many of which we customize to meet the needs of industries with strict codes and requirements such as banking, medical and pharma. We offer customized solutions and immediate service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. We're there when you need us!

We maintain an excellent on-time delivery record and customer satisfaction by assigning with no additional cost, a seasoned logistics specialist to every one of our customers. This dedicated management is what enables us to service our customers with routine and customized solutions.

Communications is constant, real-time and seamless between our customers, dispatchers and delivery personnel. Information is live and accessible on-line for our customers to order and track and offers access to account activity and data for customized reporting and managing account activity.

Philadelphia Courier, Sir Lancellot's dedicated wireless and on-line tracking system offers instant 24/7/ 365 tracking of pick-up and delivery status as well as delivery confirmation by fax or email.

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I want to acknowledge the level of service that Philadelphia Courier, Sir Lancellot has provided since I took responsibility for the branch and interoffice courier services at FirstTrust in 2004.

Philadelphia Courier, Sir Lancellot consistently adheres to our schedules and can be relied upon to provide dependable, courteous service. From time to time, we have a need for unscheduled courier services. These usually require same day delivery without a lot of advance notice. Sir Lancellot has always been responsive to those needs.

Kathy A. Seidel,
Vice President General Services
First Trust Philadelphia