Drivers for Hire from Philadelphia Courier, Sir Lancellot

Sir Lancellot can temporarily or permanently supplement your company's transportation or distribution needs. This service has proven to be more cost-effective than company-hired drivers, and offers to alleviate a lot of the human resource and management obligations.

Just think, no more managing vacation schedules, covering holidays and sick days, adjusting schedules for seasonal needs, vehicle insurance, maintenance schedules and more.

Check out our Savings Calculator to discover your savings.

Philadelphia Courier Sir Lancellot's Drivers for Hire Program saves you money by:

- Not having to purchase company vehicles

- Eliminating company-owned vehicle maintenance, fuel and insurance costs

- Eliminating driver personnel costs including payroll and benefits to company drivers

- Eliminating paid sick days, vacation days and personal days for company drivers

- Eliminating recruitment costs (advertising and interviewing)

- Transferring your delivery expenses from a fixed cost to a variable cost based upon your company's seasonal and business volume

- Paying for delivery services only when you need them!

An Ideal Delivery Solution for:

- Hospitals/Medical Offices/Pharmaceutical Companies

- Bankers/Credit Unions/Mortgage and Title Companies

- Printing/Graphic Arts Firms

- Manufacturing Companies

- Any company who regularly hires employee drivers

Philadelphia Courier Sir Lancellot offers cars, light vans and trucks to meet your needs, our drivers are professional drivers who are fully insured, bonded and licensed by the PA P.U.C., and each carries two-way communications equipment for immediate contact and are supported by our internet based order and tracking system.

A Sir Lancellot truck driver available for hire

Our goal in our critical parts business is to make sure that our clients receive their deliveries on time 100%. Philadelphia Courier Sir Lancellot has always met our goal with experienced, uniformed professional drivers. Their 24 hour operation, seven days a week, 365 days a year is always responsive to our needs.

Rick Lawrence,
Logistics Manager
EMR Services