Employment Opportunities - Philadelphia Courier, Sir Lancellot

Driver and Other Opportunities:

If you are applying for a job with Sir Lancellot, please send your resume with a cover letter letting us know the position that you are seeking. Fax to Anthony Klondar at 610-595-7774

Independent Contractors:

If you are reliable, capable of working independently and can provide our clients with consistently efficient and courteous service, we welcome your application.

We expect high standards from all of our staff and our contractors. We work with web-based technology that provides the tools that make your job easier, our client's informed and our company reliable.

We work with a single purpose: To Provide Our Customers with On-Time Pickups and Deliveries 100% of the Time!

If you would like to apply to Sir Lancellot as an Independent Contractor please fill in the profile form we have provided online or print and fax to Anthony Klondar at 610-595-7774.

Driver for Hire Profile Form

part of Sir Lancellot Delivery's full fleet of vans and box trucks

Our goal in our critical parts business is to make sure that our clients receive their deliveries on time 100%. Sir Lancellot has always met our goal with experienced, uniformed professional drivers. Their 24 hour operation, seven days a week, 365 days a year is always responsive to our needs.

Rick Lawrence,
Logistics Manager
EMR Services