Not sure if you need a courier service?

Uses for Courier Services

Couriers are used for deliveries across the country or across town. We deliver shipments as large as truckloads or as small as a document in an envelope.

Our Philadelphia couriers specialize in the delivery of materials that are time-sensitive, of high value, and those that are unusual shapes and sizes. They also offer open lines of communication so you can track your parcel and know the moment it arrives in the hands of the recipient. There are usually delivery guarantees and even insurance available for most shipments.

Courier services free up your time and the time of your employees so that you can get the work done that you specialize in. Couriers can pay bills for you, run errands to the post office, and conduct your banking business including deposits and delivery of checks; they can pick up and deliver tickets to Philadelphia events of any kind, or collect luggage or even guests at the Philadelphia airport.

You might be thinking that it only takes you a few minutes to run to the bank or post office, but if you stop to consider the other related costs, courier services suddenly make a lot of sense. You might be paying for fuel, mileage, parking costs, and many other incidental expenses, not to mention the fact that you and your business are liable in the case that some unforeseen event such as a car accident happens along the way. It might seem like an errand will only take a few minutes but Philadelphia traffic can be a nightmare, and you or your employee may end up wasting precious time sitting in traffic. Utilization of our Philadelphia courier service cut back on these expenses and gives you peace of mind and the freedom necessary to allow you to focus on what really matters your business and your reputation.

Our Philadelphia couriers offer a very flexible schedule, and we are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Most regular shipping companies can't offer this type of availability, nor can they make precise promises as to when your package will get delivered. We can give you a precise time window for delivery. We can offer same-day, overnight, and many other shipping options to meet your needs. Need a contract delivered across town by this afternoon? Let us do the footwork so you can focus on the real work. We have an infrastructure in place that allows us to offer a broad range of quality services.

Utilize our Philadelphia courier services for all of your tasks, large and small. We take care of all the details, and we keep you informed. Courier service pays for itself, and you get to put your time and energy where it really matters at the heart of your business. The best part? You get the peace of mind you deserve.

part of Sir Lancellot Delivery's full fleet of vans and box trucks

I want to acknowledge the level of service that Philadelphia Courier Sir Lancellot has provided since I took responsibility for the branch and interoffice courier services at FirstTrust in 2004.

Philadelphia Courier Sir Lancellot consistently adheres to our schedules and can be relied upon to provide dependable, courteous service. From time to time, we have a need for unscheduled courier services. These usually require same day delivery without a lot of advance notice. Sir Lancellot has always been responsive to those needs.

Kathy A. Seidel,
Vice President General Services
First Trust Philadelphia