How to measure the value of using a courier service.

Is a Courier Service Worth the Money?

When you consider the costs to your business, not only do you have to consider the financial impact, but you must consider the damage to your reputation, too.

Your image suffers when you are late on deliveries. If deliveries arrive damaged, your customer loses out on money and loses faith in your business. Without solid communication between you and the company delivering your packages, your credibility is at stake. Your customer wants to know where his or her delivery is, but you can't reach anyone to track the shipment. Your reputation takes a hit, and your client may go elsewhere next time. Unlike traditional shipping services, we are available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Our wireless and on-line tracking system offers up-to-the-minute communication to our customers.

These are just a few of the ways that our quality Philadelphia courier services aid you in making your business flourish. A good courier service delivers quality goods within the timeframe you designate. We are on time to pick up the goods or packages from your location and deliver them on time to the destination. We communicate with you if any unexpected delays occur, and we let you know when we've successfully completed the delivery. You have the knowledge you need to keep your customers informed and satisfied, which leads to strong customer relations and their repeated business.

Maybe you are thinking that it's just as easy for you to send one of your receptionists out to run the errand. Keep in mind that when you use an employee for purposes outside of their general job description, someone else is covering his or her duties while that person is out of the office. Who is answering the phones for your receptionist, and how good of a job is he or she doing? As our Philadelphia couriers know, traffic can be a nightmare. Does your employee have the appropriate insurance if she or he is in an accident? If not, you might be liable. Are you paying for the cost of the fuel, the mileage on the employee's car, as well as any other incurred charges such as parking? These costs add up fast. Is work piling up on the desk of your receptionist while he or she is out doing the legwork of delivery? And who is liable when the delivery does not go well or as expected?

One of the most basic benefits of a courier service is that it frees up your time so you can deal with the bigger issues at hand. Mundane tasks are simple and easy enough, but are they really worth you or your employees' time? Most likely, your time and energies will be most well utilized elsewhere.
Once again, it's not a question of whether you can afford our Philadelphia courier service; it's a question of whether you can afford not to hire us.

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I want to acknowledge the level of service that Philadelphia Courier Sir Lancellot has provided since I took responsibility for the branch and interoffice courier services at FirstTrust in 2004.

Philadelphia Courier Sir Lancellot consistently adheres to our schedules and can be relied upon to provide dependable, courteous service. From time to time, we have a need for unscheduled courier services. These usually require same day delivery without a lot of advance notice. Sir Lancellot has always been responsive to those needs.

Kathy A. Seidel,
Vice President General Services
First Trust Philadelphia