Tips for reducing fuel costs

Fuel Saving Tips

Anyone who has a job in the transportation or shipping industry knows that fuel costs are high. Commercial vehicles are a great deal heavier than domestic vehicles, so they use even more fuel, even when they are empty.

We spend considerable time training our Philadelphia couriers about fuel efficiency. You don't have to be in the transportation business, though, to appreciate fuel savings, so we thought we'd pass along these tips for fuel efficiency to you, our customers.

A big boost to the transportation industry has been the advances in technology that help us determine the quickest route, the shortest route, the route with the most traffic, road construction or other impediments to timely delivery. Philadelphia, like many large cities, requires planning and preparation for successful navigation. Preparation and planning are also imperative for fuel savings. Technology has made this step simple. Use your GPS to find the quickest route to your destination. Log onto your local TV or radio station websites and find out where the traffic snarls are to determine whether you should take an alternate route home. You can even go to websites that will tell you where to find the cheapest gasoline in your neighborhood.

We remind our Philadelphia couriers to pay attention when refueling in order to prevent overfilling and spilled fuel. Spilled fuel releases harmful emissions into the atmosphere, and even a few spilled drops wastes money. Take the time to pay attention when refilling the tank, and stop filling when the automatic shut off first clicks off. Try also to fill your tank during the coolest part of the day when gas is densest.

Regularly check your tire pressure to ensure that tires are inflated to the vehicle manufacturer's guidelines. It is normal for tires to change pressure due to weather and time. Check the pressure at a station near your home when tires are cold to get the best reading. Under-inflated tires can use up to a half a gallon of fuel out of every tank that adds up quickly! Check tires weekly or if you notice that your fuel costs climb even though fuel prices stay the same.

Take your vehicle in for regular servicing. Get the engine tuned, filters and spark plugs checked, the oil changed, and have the tires rotated and the wheels aligned. Dirty filters mean less air to the engine, making the engine perform less economically and efficiently. Poor tire alignment also means more fuel consumption. Regular vehicle maintenance is a simple but effective way of optimizing fuel efficiency.

By reducing the weight of your vehicle you lower fuel consumption. Remove any extra items from your vehicle, even those things you keep in it just in case. Planning on golfing at one of Philadelphia's gorgeous greens after work? That bag of clubs is causing extra fuel consumption. Leave it at the office until you head to the driving range. Do not, however, remove essentials such as emergency kits and spare tires. Those need to stay in your vehicle at all times.

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