Our green driving tips help you save time, money, and the environment.

Greener Packaging

Foam peanuts are made mostly from polystyrene, and toxic chemicals leach from the peanuts. The peanuts don't break down, they fragment. If burned, polystyrene gives off highly toxic fumes. Plastics take up an astounding amount of room in landfills, and the process for creating them causes substantial pollution.

Through our Philadelphia couriers' experience delivering everything from small packages to large freight, we've seen the economic and financial importance of using greener shipping options. We offer these tips to our customers to help ensure greener shipping practices.

Reuse! The best option is to reuse materials. Save the bubble wrap or packing peanuts that arrive with your incoming shipments and repurpose them as you send out your next delivery with our Philadelphia couriers. Stick a note on them reminding the recipient to recycle and reuse them, too. If you have old cardboard boxes that are not in good enough shape to ship packages in, cut them into strips and roll up pieces of cardboard to pack around fragile items in your shipments. Another great way to reuse materials is to use shredded papers instead of packing peanuts. Wadded up newspaper also works well to cushion a shipment inside the box. Often you will receive a shipment that uses plastic pillows of air to cushion your order. Saving these can seem to take up a lot of room, but they are easily reused in your next outgoing shipment. Even popped popcorn (without butter, of course!), can be a greener shipping option than traditional methods.

Size matters! Do your best to fit the shipment in the right-sized box. Our Philadelphia couriers treat your packages with great care, but our care only as good as the shipping preparation. It is very important to use an appropriately sized box for shipping. A box that is too big allows for too much shifting and movement during delivery. It also means a lot of waste - wasted space, extra bubble wrap, extra packing peanuts, extra tape, and sometimes, a higher shipping cost. Cut down on waste by finding the right-sized box.

Buy biodegradable! Many businesses right here in Philadelphia specialize in earth-friendly packaging products. When you must buy shipping materials, consider those that are environmentally friendly. Buy biodegradable and post-consumer recycled content. There are many substitutes out now for packing peanuts. You can purchase starch based peanuts that are compostable or you can dissolve them in water when you no longer need them.

Another product available is Prairie Eco Pak, an earth-friendly packing material that eliminate breakage, supports and pads your item, prevents shifting and movement, is strong, static-free and even absorbent, just in case there is a leak during transport.

With a few Google searches you can find anything from biodegradable stretch films to eco-friendly carton sealing tap to inverted pallets repurposed into hundreds of other useful items. No matter what your shipping and packaging needs, there are green options that will keep you within budget but ease your mind when it comes to eco-consciousness.

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