Whether your parcel has to travel across Philadelphia or a few hundred miles, careful packaging is essential for its welfare. At Sir Lancellot Courier and Delivery Service, we treat your parcel with the utmost of care, but shifting and the normal movements that occur during delivery can greatly affect package contents.

Preparing Packages for Safe Travel

You can help us make the difference in getting your delivery safely to its destination by ensuring that it is packaged appropriately. Our Philadelphia couriers offer this advice to our customers who want a little assistance with preparing their parcel for shipment.

Materials Needed:
Packing peanuts, wadded newspaper or substitute
Bubble wrap
Cardboard box
Packing tape

1. Find a sturdy box for your package that is the appropriate size. A box that is too big leaves too much room for your item to move around, but a box that is too small means that anything fragile could get busted. Appropriately sized packaging helps ensure safe arrival via our couriers. Place your item in the box and make sure there is sufficient room around the object to place bubble wrap as well as wadded newspaper or packing peanuts.

2. Bubble wrap is essential if your shipment is breakable. Bubble wrap protects the parcel from external punishment as well as the natural shifting that normally occurs within the box during shipment, so use it whenever your item needs extra cushioning. Use a generous amount. Bubble wrap provides a little insurance, as well as peace of mind.

3. Once your parcel is shrouded in bubble wrap, add extra cushion by placing packing peanuts inside the box. Packing peanuts are especially useful in the bottom of the packing box. Peanuts should be packed in tightly, preventing the item from movement when our Philadelphia courier has it out for delivery. A cheaper and more environmentally friendly substitute is to use more wadded newspaper, or even popped corn. Some people use the shredded materials from their business office.

4. Finally, secure the package with packing tape. This is another place where you don't want to skimp with materials. Don't rely on lightweight tapes such as basic office tape or masking tapes. These just don't hold up under the pressure of travel, weather, weight, and other environmental influences. If in doubt, double tape the seams to ensure the box remains closed until delivered.

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Kathy A. Seidel,
Vice President General Services
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