At Sir Lancellot Courier and Delivery Service, we are used to handling nontraditional packages, and we have a great deal of experience moving large, awkward, fragile, and high value goods.

Perhaps you need to move a life size model, a large piece of gym equipment, a stage set, an expensive painting or a kitchen designed to cater an extravaganza. Our Philadelphia couriers provide exceptional service and have effective systems in place to provide top-notch handling of your most specialized deliveries. Courier services are generally less burdened than traditional delivery services, so we have the time and manpower to give your package due care.

Moving Large, Awkward, Fragile and High Value Goods

We know exactly in what order to load large shipments. We dismantle shipments and prioritize the pieces in order to load it most efficiently and to be able to put it back together seamlessly upon delivery. We know how to ship almost everything even a loaded dishwasher or an obscure antique that most people have never heard of. We can give you solid advice as to how to prepare your item for successful shipment. Whether you are shipping across Philadelphia or across the country, it is just as important for us to get your item to its destination in one piece as it is to you. We can give you an honest assessment of how you must package your delivery to ensure its well-being in transit. We won't take a chance that it will be okay we'll tell you what you need to know in order to prepare your item for successful shipment.

It is essential when you contact us for a quote that you have the exact dimensions and weight for the item you need shipped. We need this data in order to give you an accurate quote. For example, we calculate the size of the truck needed to deliver your item based on the weight and dimensions. This in turn determines the cost to you. Each item we deliver is tailored to its specific needs. Whether it needs protective draping or strapping, extra cushion or more stability, our Philadelphia couriers will make sure it arrives safe and sound. Confidentiality and safe driving practices are just two more ways we get your delivery made on time and intact.

Maybe you are thinking that you have the opposite situation a tiny but frail shipment that needs the utmost of care. You create fancy, towering wedding cakes and delicate cupcakes. You need a courier that can get the gorgeous confections you've designed to their rightful place front and center at Philadelphia's wedding of the year. No problem! Our Philadelphia couriers have years of experience transporting highly fragile deliveries. You specialize in baking and decorating. You don't have the time or the experience to spend hours on deliveries. This is where our courier services become so important. We specialize in delivering. We free up your precious hours for the work you love to do, and do the work that we love to do.

part of Sir Lancellot Delivery's full fleet of vans and box trucks

I want to acknowledge the level of service that Philadelphia Courier Sir Lancellot has provided since I took responsibility for the branch and interoffice courier services at FirstTrust in 2004.

Philadelphia Courier Sir Lancellot consistently adheres to our schedules and can be relied upon to provide dependable, courteous service. From time to time, we have a need for unscheduled courier services. These usually require same day delivery without a lot of advance notice. Sir Lancellot has always been responsive to those needs.

Kathy A. Seidel,
Vice President General Services
First Trust Philadelphia